Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What Can We Find For You?


When you visit Cracker Jax you could spend hours and hours exploring every nook and cranny.  Look up and down and around and under and over and you still may miss something!  I like to think that in this shop if there is something you wish for and you look hard enough you will eventually find it.  There's a magic here that makes that happen.

If you are not close by, this blog is definitely for you.  Lets us explore the store for you. What do you wish for?  We would love to hear what kinds of things you would like to see on this blog.  Your input will help us make this space more fun for all of us. Leave us a comment or email us at and let us be your treasure hunter!

Peace and Love... Cracker Jax.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Sparkle Sparkle!

Light up the night in the gorgeous vintage gold metallic dress by Mike Benet Formals.  The draped top with long flowy short sleeves will add plenty of comfort while  still feeling saucy in this full length number.  

It has an elastic waist that starts at 9" flat and stretches to 18."  The bust is about 14" flat and the hips are about 17" flat.  It is about 34" from the waist to the him.  Own this for $31.96 with taxes and shipping added at check out.   



Need some more sparkle?  Add this glorious vintages "gold" and "silver" fish scale belt.  This elastic belt stretches from 24" to 34."  It can be yours for $18.00 with taxes and shipping added at check out.


See something you love? Want to know more?  As always please email us orders or questions or both! at  

Thursday, July 5, 2012


Imagine yourself in this gorgeous navy blue vintage dress!  Slip this on and hit up the local Farmer's Market or treat yourself to a concert in the park.

The tag on this dress is marked West Germany.  The waist is 13" and the bust is about 15" both measured flat.  The skirt is full and is about 22" from waist to hem.   
Make this part of your style for only $54.40 with taxes and shipping added at check-out.


Don't forget your scarf! This off-white crocheted cutie is the perfect accessory.  It is $29.99 before tax and shipping.


Interested in purchasing or have any questions?  Please email us at


Love and Peace...

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Birdy Love

Spruce up your hair with this adorable bird hair piece.  This is a real show-stopping, eye-catching, conversation-starter!


This sweet little birdy clip is handmade with a sparkly feather bird and hot pink ruffles.



The back is a sweet fabric rosette. It is all mounted onto an oval shaped felt piece with clip sewn inside to secure it to your hair or clothes.  Add flair to your hair for $14.99 with shipping and taxes added at check-out.  All purchases and inquiries can be made at

How can I be in two places at once, unless I were a bird?
Boyle Roche

Butterfly Love

Join the butterflies in the garden in these beautiful vintage butterfly tops.   These stunning draped, sequin beauties flair on the side giving you your own wings.

The black and silver top is by Shomax and has a vintage Macy's tag making this piece NOS (new old stock.) It is 100% silk and the lining is 100% rayon.  The bust is about 21" and is about 21" from shoulder to bottom.  Own this beauty for only $51.93 with tax and shipping added at check out.

The blue and silver butterfly top is by the vintage brand Exclusive by Jainsons International.  The bust is about 19" wide and the length is about 23" from shoulder to bottom.  It is also 100% silk with 100% rayon lining and can also be purchased for $51.93 before tax and shipping.
As always all inquiries and purchases can be made at

Wouldn't you want to feel just like a dreamy butterfly? 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Vintage Beauty

Summertime is the best time for a cool tooled leather purse.  Pack your bag for music festivals and spend the day soaking up vitamin D.  
A new zipper has been added so you won't lose all your favorite things in this supple leather purse.  The bag is about 14" wide and 10" tall and has an inner pocket.  It is $72 with tax and shipping added at check-out.  
Email us at for purchasing/inquiries.

DSC06660 2

Dance The Night Away!

Remember the days of disco in this hip, vintage royal/navy blue dress.  This dress has so many great features from butterfly sleeves to a long, pleated skirt.  Fancy it up with some gold necklaces and you'll be ready for a night of dancing.  More details after the jump.





The dress is a polyester and the elastic waist measures about 11"-13" flat.  The flowy, pleated skirt is about 17" at the hips.  There is a small spot in the front of the dress that is shown in the picture below.  It is easily hidden underneath beautiful necklaces.  This beauty is $47.19 with tax and shipping added at check-out.  Email us at for more information and to buy!


Don't forget the jewelry!  The top necklace is a beautiful vintage gold tone Hobe "jelly fish" necklace on a gold tone rope chain.  It is 70.40 with tax and shipping included at check-out.
The bottom medallion is gold tone and made by Trifari and is $14.40 before tax and shipping.  Please email us at for inquiries!